CMS600C - Scanner ultrasonico


■ Finer image display and higher resolution due to the application of the latest

technologies,such as dynamic focusing,variable aperture,dynamic compressing,

dynamic frequency,edge highlight and digital scanning etc.

■ Easy operation with newly designed keyboard

■ 8 Gamma correction curves,pre-procwssing, frame correlation,interpolation,digital


■ Screen filter ensuring a comfortable operation

■ Flicker-free VGA monitor

■ Scan Mode : Convex,Electronic Linear

■ Display mode: B, B/B, B/M, M and 4B

■ Probe Frequency: 2.5MHZ--7.5MHZ

■ Monitor:12 inch

■ Measurement: Distance,Circumference,Area,Heart rate,EF slope,GS,BPD,

CRL,HC,AC,FL for Fetal Week and weight.

■ Dual direction 192 frame cine loop.