■ Integrated with regular stethoscope,ECG waveform display,heart and pulse oximeter

■ Large LCD screen display:160 x 96;LED back light

■ RS232 interface connection to computer

■ Changeable Spo2 sensor for different patient (neonate,infant,enfant,and adult)

■ Freeze function:convetient to observe the hear rate,ECG and SPO2

■ Real-time display of the hear rate,ECG and Spo2

■ Low power consumption,Long lift battery

■ Spo2 is option


■ Weight:200g

■ Power:3.6v(Li-ion);Current:≤ 20 MA

■ Operation :about 40 hours

■ Automatically switch off:The switch will be off automatically in four minutes

while no date input

■ LCD Display: Pixel 160 x 96

■ Display Zone 60 x 34mm

■ ECG Waveform Rolling Speed:6.25mm/s 1.25mm/s 25mm/s

■ Sensitivity: Automatic