Standard Configuration:


wireless transmetter 1 pc


wireless receiver 1 pc


Contec8000S software 1 set


patient cable 1 pc


USB cable 1 pc


user manual(1 CD) 1 pc


Option: Stress Pulse Oximeter


Contec8000S wireless telemetry stress ECG System is a innovative stress testing system.Wireless solution for cardiac stress exercise.


Contec latest 12-lead digital telemetry transmitter is the latest generation of Contec telemetry. It is a compact and extra-slim transmitter with internal antenna and ECG waveform display.


Windows XP Operating System


Contec8000S provides an friendly user interface with flexible configurations.


Complete ST Presentation


In addition to continuous ST trends, the Contec8000S presents ST level and slope for all 12 average complexes and auto-comparison with reference complexes.


Full disclosure Review Mode


Post-test playback allows full disclosure review of the entire test.