Full screen image with high definition and wide field of view


High resolution CCD with 440,000 pixels


Adapt 15V/150W OSRAM halogen lamp and humanized-design to provide optimal operability

Auto white balance, color adjustment function and adjustable gain of color ensure image of the

    endoscope is real, Clear and reliable.

At the same time the endoscope have auto electronic shutter

Excellent waterproof performance, the whole instrument can be completely immerged into medical

     liquid in order to be disinfected .

Multiple image freeze (optional)


Single image freeze (optional)


Innovation special instrument trolley


Standard configuration


Electronic Endoscope                1 piece


Image Processor                       1 piece


Cold light source                       1 piece


Special Monitor                         1 piece


Special instrument trolley           1 piece


GE-100 Upper Gastrointestinal Electronic Endoscope




Angle of View                                         120°Straightly


Depth of Field                                         4-100mm


Outer Diameter of Insertion Tube             Φ9.8mm


Angle of tip bending                                Up 180°Down 90°left/Right 100°


Inner Diameter of Biopsy Channel            Φ2.8mm


Working Length                                      1050mm    


CE-130 Nether Gastrointestinal Electronic Endoscope





Angle of View                                        120°Straightly


Depth of Field                                        4-100mm


Outer Diameter of Insertion Tube             Φ13.8mm

Angle of tip bending                                Up 180?Down 180°,left/Right 160°

Inner Diameter of Biopsy Channel             Φ3.2mm

Working Length                                       1330mm