CMS800 - Monitor Fetal


CMS 800 is a lightweight, space-saving fetal monitor, ensure external and internal

monitoring parameters .It can be used up to and during the second stage labor. It also

can be connected to the obstetrical central station to construct central monitoring system.

Light weight, space-saving, easy operation


Nine elements high sensitive probe


Basic function: FHR, TOCO, fetal movement, twins monitoring and automatic channel recognition.


Wide range of applying voltage (100-250V)


Automatic Fetal Movement Detection


Built-in network/PC connecting interface


Software for data recording, analyzing and displayin




FHR                                                                 Online: RS-232, RS485


2 MHz pulse wave                                             Operation Environment                          


Rang of the heart rate: 50-210bpm                       Electric specification:100-250V    AC: 50Hz


Precision: ±1bpm                                             Temperature: 5-40


Record differentiated: 30bpm/cm                         Applicable range:


UA                                                                   FHR heart rate monitor


0-100 units precision: ±1                                    UA TOCO monitor


Monitor performance                                          Record: build-in thermal record


Display: The red alarm display of the high             Option:


Brightness LED power supply indicator light,         MFM 


audible and visual alarm                                       DECG


Alarm: upper and lower limit alarm                        IUP