CMS SERIES Ambulatory EEG(AEEG System)

In the diagnosis of epilepsy , sometimes there is doubt the nature of the seizure, in which case it is possible to record the EEG over a period of one or mord days , using a small portale EEG recorder which the patient wears. Recordings are made whilst the patient carries on normal daytime activities, and during sleep.



The CMS series AEEG system includes EEG recorder , computer system , laser printer, upload device and the analysis system, The recorder adopts advanced PCB and SMD technology, it is one of the smallest recorder in the world. Its memory adopts Intel Strater Flash media. Based on the neuron network theory, the resolution and speed is improved greatly.



■ Windows platform , friendly interface , easy to operate.

■ The system intergrates acquisition and amplification , fiter , A/Dresolution with SMD

technique,which can adjust sensitivity automatically and enhance antijamming ability.

■ Take with 24 hours to acquire EEG does not affect daily activity

■ Electrode connection mode (monopolar mode\bipolar mode\triangle mode) can be set at


■ The EEG wave is measured automatically and the background and the color of the wave

can be adjusted.

■ The pathological wave trend gragh and review of 24-hour EEG wave available

■ Statistic list of all kinda of EEG

■ Three-dimensional and regular BEAM

Perfect case management system


■ 8or16 channels EEG recording