CONTEC 8000A ECG-workstation




■ Connected with laptop computer to form a portable ECG workstation

■ Patient is completely isolated from computer sets, which absolutely ensure the safety of


■ Digital signal, no interference with other devices

■ High sampling rate, 1000sampling/sec

■ Digital filter system

■ The technique of anti-baseline-drift ensures the stability of ECG signal baseline

■ Wilson and Frank modes

■ The power module meets the international standard of IEC601-1

■ Easy to operate and perfect printout

■ Diagnosis of coronary heart disease with 12-lead

■ Perfect time domain, frequency domain, and nonlinear HRVanalysis

■ Perfect ECG database management system

Technical parameters


■ ECG box (patient isolation and data acquisition)


■ 12 Lead ECG cable


■ Sample rate :1000Hz


■ RS232 interface with PC


■ Sample rate :500Hz


■ Resolution :12bit


■ Receiver power :5.0V (DC)


■ Lead:12 lead standard ECG


Nine functions


12-lead ECG with auto interpretation ,High frequency ECG,FCG,VLP,VCG,QT dispersion ,TVCG,HRV