CONTEC 8000C/D Telenetry ECG (1/3Channel)






CONTEC8000 Telemetry ECG Monitor System is consist of

three parts, transmitter, receiver and central station. A accurate

ECG acquisition system is included in the transmitter, it offers

you high quality ECG signals.




■ Adopts synchronized sampling and analyzing technology. Up to eight patients

can be monitored.

■ Alarm can be triggered by abnormal HR, ST, Pause.

■ Advanced data review systems, make you review the entire data at


■ Powerful case managment provides you the easy way to search, modify and

delete the case.


ECG Acquisition

HR range: 30 to 300 bmp
Bandwidth: 0.5-40Hz(-3dB)
Input impedance: ≥10MΩ
Dynamic input range: ± 3 mV
CMRR: ≥80 dB
Sample rate: 200 samples/second
ADC Accuracy: 12 bit
ECG gain select: 5,10,20mm/mV
Option: Pulse Oxmeter


Power supply

Transmitter: 3.0 VDC, Two 1.5V Alkaline Battery, size AA (R6);

Power consumption Approx. 90mW;

Operating time: ≥36 hours (with recommended alkaline batteries)

Receiver: 5.0 VDC from the USB; Power consumption less than 400mW.