Standard 24-channel(2400) and 32-channel(3200) amplifier

  The latest intelligent digital EEG amplifier, which integrates electrode box, amplifier, filter, A/D.

       Digital signal transmission enhances the antijamming ability.

10/20 international standard system supports special electrodes, the combination of 13 kinds

     of standard leads can be selected (hardware) at real time or changed when uploading (software),

     support: A1, A2, A1+A2, A1←→A2. 

Resistance is displayed in the electrode box and tested in the acquisition course, so that the

     physician can adjust the electrode in time.

USB interface, coupled with a laptop computer form a portable EEG system


Control flashlight automatically and manually 

The amplitude and frequency of EEG can be measured

BEAM, power spectrum, and all kinds of trend graph

The EEG database management, supporting MO or CD-RW archiving

The special isolation transformer and optical cable ensure security

Optional function

Video monitor system       

Sleep module, ECG, EOG, SpO2, EMG, RESP