CMS60B - Oximetro de pulso portatil

Technical Parameters

      Display Format: LCD;           Back light: LED


         SPO2:35-99% ;                    Pulse Ratio:30-250 BPM


         Pulse Ratio:30-250 BPM;      Spo2  Alarm Range: 0-100%


         Pulse Alarm Range: 15-300 BPM


         Pulse Wave: LCD Graphic Display


         Battery Voltage Low Indication: LCD signals.


    Power: CMS60A:Two AA size 1.5V Alkali Battery;  CMS60B:3.7V Li-ion Battery

    Power Consumption: less than 20 mA.

    Resolution: ±1 for SPO2 and  ±1 BPM for Pulse Ratio.  

    Measurement Accuracy: ±2 in stage of 70%-99% SPO2  and meaningless when stage

        being smaller than 70%. ±2BPM for Pulse Ratio.

     Measurement Performance in Weak Filling Condition : Oxyhemoglobin  and  pulse &

can be shown correctly  when pulse-filling ratio is 0.4%.

     Interference  Resistance  Capacity  against  Ambient Light :  Deviation  is  smaller  than

        ±1%  between  &#118alue of Oxyhemoglobin measured in natural lighting indoor

        condition and
present  lighting  sources and  that measured in dark room. 

     Option: ECG waveform Display, Heart rate, HR Alarm, SD Card for 24 hours storage,

         RS232 interface